Medical Microdermabrasion

Leave the years and all the sun damage behind with Gianna Skin & Laser's revolutionary Medical Microdermabrasion treatment. This state of the art procedure smooths away wrinkles, lightens brown spots, and freshens the skin painlessly, safely, and effectively. Gianna's Parisian Peel Microdermabrasion System, which can only be found in physicians' offices, works on the skin through the use of aluminum oxide crystals. The results are a deep exfoliation which creates a softer and more even skin tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Gianna's Medical Microdermabrasion combines both safety and results with no lifestyle interruptions, and the treatment can be used very effectively in combination with our Chemical Peels.

Conditions We Treat

  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Brown age spots
  • Uneven skin color
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged or oily pores
  • Black heads
  • White heads
  • Acne scars

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure where aluminum oxide crystals are applied to the treatment area with a vacuum and suction device. The crystals gently exfoliate the skin in a highly professional manner that far exceeds over the counter products, and they also stimulate the collagen and elastin fibers to completely treat the skin. After the procedure, each Gianna client is treated to a luxurious facial treatment that compliments the procedure in a manner that best meets the client's goals.

Is it safe for all skin types?

There are some skin conditions that may be better treated with other options. Gianna offers a free, customized, individualized, consultation to every client in order to evaluate if you are a likely candidate. During that time, we privately review your client profile with you, discuss how you would like to improve the look of your skin, and answer any questions. We will then provide a customized plan designed to determine the best way for you to achieve your goals.

How often/how many treatments are needed to achieve significant results?

Although you will notice a change in the texture of your skin after just one treatment, in order to see significant improvement Gianna recommends a series of 6, 12, or 24 treatments depending on your needs and goals.

How long do treatments take? What is the cost?

Each treatment takes approximately 30-40 minutes, and Gianna recommends that they be performed 1-2 weeks apart. The cost is $119 per session, and we offer package deals on our treatment series.

Are there any side effects from Microdermabrasion treatments?

Some clients experience slight sensitivity or redness which usually lasts less than 24 hours. You will experience heightened sensitivity to the sun during the initial 24 hours after treatment.

Is Microdermabrasion limited to the face?

Absolutely not. Gianna clients have utilized Microdermabrasions for treatment to a variety of areas including the back, chest, neck, and hands to name a few.

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