Rosacea, which usually occurs on the face, is an inflammatory condition. It includes redness and skin sensitivity, and it is often accompanied by unsightly acne-type lesions. The redness is caused by dilated blood vessels. This chronic skin disorder also may include telengiactasia which is the presence of blood vessels or veins in the cheek area, the nose, or the chin.


To minimize redness, flushing, and veins, lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), have been proven to be optimal choices for maintaining control of Rosacea. These treatments can be done in a single session, but they are more often done in a series for optimal results. They require no downtime or lifestyle interruption. In addition,topical treatments may include prescription oral and topical antibiotics and/or pharmaceutical grade creams and cleansers. These help keep the skin eruption and inflammation under control. Anyone suffering from this condition should avoid aggravating circumstances such as severe cold, sun exposure, alcohol, heat, and wind.

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