Why Gianna?

Gianna Skin & Laser is the first medical aesthetics practice of its kind in the Philadelphia area. Founded by Dr. Maria DeMario, the concept of Gianna is a very personal one. As a full time working mother and professional, Dr, DeMario found herself short on time but highly motivated to find professional services and home treatments that She herself would want. As a medical professional, she thoroughly researched what was available in the medical spa area, and chose only those services proven by independent medical research to be safe and effective. And, as a mother and consumer herself, she sought to deliver these services at the most competitive prices in the area while still maintaining only the highest of quality. This allows many clients, who might feel uncomfortable seeking out a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist, to have access to such services in a comfortable and reassuring environment.

A unique practice that makes Gianna a forerunner in their field is that, unlike most laser centers and even most plastic surgeons' offices, there is full time on-site physician supervision for all procedures. In addition, Dr. DeMario personally reviews all clients' treatment regimens, and she personally administers procedures and treatments as needed.

Gianna Skin & Laser evaluates a client's treatment based on several factors. These factors could include existing skin conditions, other medical problems, and/ or medications that a client might be taking that may affect treatments. Gianna provides a free customized consultation to every client, and this allows for time spent to understand a client's goals and to ensure that the client is a candidate for the treatments requested. Gianna's consultations strive to educate the client about specific treatments, about general skin health, and about skin cancer prevention. This extra step - which is provided at no cost and with no obligation - is often overlooked in many other medispa centers or offices. However, Gianna has found it to be crucial to the success of treatments, and these personalized consultations ultimately lead to the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Another aspect that makes Gianna Skin & Laser unique in the field is their personalized service before, during, and after treatments. Gianna is committed to making every client feel comfortable by ensuring continuously open lines of communication, and by encouraging clients to ask questions and voice concerns at any time. All treatments are fully explained prior to, and even during, procedures. Many clients come to know the staff of Gianna on a first name basis, affording the experience of VIP treatment with the benefit of state of the art medical technology. Providing this type of unique access to clients has been integral to the success of Gianna thus far, and Gianna is completely committed to maintaining this type of relationship in the future.

Developed to afford safe and professional services and home treatments at highly competitive prices, Gianna is extremely proud of the value they provide as they combine medical professionalism with the ultimate in cosmetic medi-spa pampering.

Dr. Maria DeMario is a 1991 graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and has completed her residency to become board-certified in primary care medicine. She is on the board of the Delaware County Medical Society and has been practicing medicine for 15 years. Osteopathic medical school training emphasizes the concept of healing through touch. Dr. DeMario is well versed in treating the whole body and not only the source of a problem. Dr. DeMario is triple-certified in laser medicine and BOTOX® treatments, and dermal fillers, and is a proud member of the American College of Laser Physicians and Surgery. Dr. DeMario has been doing these procedures for nearly a decade, which makes her a seasoned medi-spa physician given the fact that many of these lasers and treatments have only been FDA-approved in recent years.

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